Teddy Bear Pomeranian

The World’s Cutest Dog – The Teddy Bear Pomeranian


The Teddy Bear Pomeranian has got to be one of the cutest little dogs imaginable. The ordinary Pomeranian is a cute breed in any event, but the Teddy Bear probably takes the cake. The Teddy Bear Pom isn’t a different type of breed. It’s still a Pomeranian. The Teddy Bear moniker mainly has to do with the shape of the little dog’s face and head.

The AKC Breed Standard


The Pomeranian that meets the American Kennel Club (AKC) Configuration Standard for the breed, and the dog that we would simply call a Pomeranian, is also called a Fox-faced Pomeranian, which describes the face and head of a Pomeranian that satisfies the AKC Configuration Standard for the breed. The Teddy Bear Pomeranian, as well as the Baby Doll Pomeranian, don’t satisfy the AKC Configuration Standard, but both are nevertheless recognized as Pomeranians by the AKC, and both can be registered with the AKC.


If you would like to own a Teddy Bear Pom, you’d probably have to locate a breeder who sells them, since the Teddy Bear is selectively bred. You might find one in a shelter, and it may be worth your while to checking a few shelters out, but any Teddy Bear Pom that ends up in a shelter very likely won’t stay there long.


As cute as these little dogs are, little meaning between 3 and 7 pounds, they can at times be difficult to handle for someone who hasn’t been around dogs before. Each breed has its peculiarities of course, but not all breeds are as easy to train, or as even tempered, as is a Golden Retriever.

An Even Tempered But Independent Little Dog


One characteristic shared by many of the small or toy breeds is that of being high strung. Also, some of the small breeds have a “big dog” complex, and they will try to boss you around if they are allowed to do so.  The Pomeranian is different. It is a somewhat docile breed, docile in the sense that it is not high strung. It is a very alert little dog however, and an intelligent one. The Pomeranian also tends to be an independent minded breed, meaning they are easier to train than is a cat, but not always that much easier.
While some of the smaller breeds make excellent watchdogs, a Teddy Bear Pom is seldom a barker, and in that respect makes a nice pet for an apartment dweller who has neighbors who don’t like noise. The Teddy Bear makes a good little lap dog, although it won’t sit on one’s lap for hours at a time, as it loves to run around and explore. While the Pomeranian was originally bred to be a lap dog, it still retains a healthy sense of independence, and usually will not stay on someone’s lap longer than it feels it needs to. This little dog needs exercise, and it should either be taken on a daily walk or allowed to run around in a fenced-in yard.




One of the challenges some owners face when bringing a Pomeranian into the household is knowing how to deal with leaving the dog at home by itself. This can be a particular challenge when the dog is a puppy, and has to be taken to a place to pee every hour or two. By the time the dog is an adult, it’s usually possible to leave it home alone during the hours its owner is at work. In addition, this breed is somewhat susceptible to separation stress or anxiety, and it needs to be trained to understand that it isn’t the end of the world every time its owner leaves the house. There are various ways of dealing with these types of problems. The important thing to understand is that they must be dealt with, or you’ll have a stressed-out puppy who may never become completely housebroken. Purchasing a dog pen is one helpful approach, and a pen is certainly better than keeping a pet in a crate, even a large crate, for hours on end.


A Long Life


Given the proper amount of tender loving care, a Teddy Bear Pomeranian should live between 12 and 16 years, and on occasion, 3 or 4 years longer. Bear in mind that some toy dogs are bred to be too small, and as a result they are not all that healthy, they may have numerous health problems, and they are unlikely to ever celebrate a 12th birthday. The right food is important, as is exercise. A puppy should not be given too much exercise, as its growth pattern may be thrown out of balance, but once a dog reaches 8 months of age it can usually be given plenty of exercise.


One item that is often overlooked is dental care. Many pet owners will brush their pet’s teeth to avoid dental problems. Canine toothpaste tends to be good tasting, as it often has chicken or beef flavoring added. It won’t take a puppy long to learn to have its teeth brushed, but the first couple of attempts could be “interesting”. Take care of your Teddy Bear Pomeranian puppy. After all, in a few short weeks it will be an important member of the family.